SURPLUS was founded in June 2017 by artist Magda Buczek. Main collaborators at SURPLUS are photographer Zuza Krajewska, graphic designer Emilia Obrzut, and brand ambassador Areta Szpura. Since 2017 SURPLUS has quickly expanded into various areas of art, fashion, print, and performance. The sharp, politically provocative and zero waste agenda of the brand has placed SURPLUS among the front runners of the Polish creative scene with numerous appearances at events across Europe and exposure in articles and videos by Elle, Harper's Bazaar, Rollacoaster, and Vogue.

SURPLUS takes its cue from the overproduction – from the fashion industry to the excess of ideas, texts and discourses in art. The project relates to the fashion of the ‘80s and ‘90s when statement t-shirts were often seen as a personal declaration. Wearing one in the public space was an act of political gesture. SURPLUS creates a new meaning without the necessity of production and can be consumed again. Customers become performers of SURPLUS poetry in public space.

Website credits:
Texts and concept: Magda Buczek
Photography: Zuza Krajewska and Rafal Gaweda
Zine Designer and Sustainability Advisor: Emilia Obrzut
Animation: Luke Jaszcz
Dance performances: Bozna Milan
Brand Manager: Lars Juhl
Brand Ambassador: Areta Szpura